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Environmentally conscious, SOPHSTONE is a stone composite that was developed specifically to redefine the perception of how solid surface bathware should look and feel. Completely handcrafted, SOPHSTONE is durable, versatile, and pleasant to the touch. SOPHSTONE adapts well to any possible shape, providing designers exclusive architectural bathware to transform private residences and luxury resorts alike.Starting as a liquid, SOPHSTONE allows the creation of beautifully seamless monolithic architectural bathware.


As a boutique, family owned manufacturer, SOPHSTONE has the flexibility to incorporate age old techniques and old-world craftsmanship, lost in the more cost-effective products on the market today. Every SOPHSTONE product is made by human hands. Skilled tradespeople and artisans creating a truly exquisite product line. A SOPHSTONE design will always give off an undeniable air of refinement… luxury… and craftsmanship.


The art of re-designing the bath. At the SOPHSTONE design workshop, inspiration is gained from the beautiful tranquil lines of nature. Moving away from the more traditional shapes, innovation and outside the box thinking is encouraged to create bold… new… revolutionary designs.