Sophstone - Architectural Bathware and Commercial Division

Components: Installation Carriers

Step 1:
Bolt carriers to wood studs behind drywall.
Step 2:
Fix sink to carrier with silicone adhesive.
Step 3:
Caulk between sink and finished wall.

Installation Notes:

  • Outer most carriers: Primary carriers
  • Inside Carriers: Secondary carriers
  • Spacing between all carriers:
    Minimum 18-inches. Maximum 32-inches.
  • Sink is to be shimmed to intended height.
  • Ensure there is no space between the carrier and the sink.
  • Primary brackets support the majority of the sink weight.
  • Secondary brackets support along the length of the basin.

Model Number:



• ECB-9

9-in / 23-cm


• ECB-18

18-in / 46-cm


• ECB-24

24-in / 61-cm