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SOPHSTONE | Modular Commercial Sink and Counter Solutions

Elevate your commercial space with SOPHSTONE’s cutting-edge Modular Commercial Sink and Counter Solutions. Our PreFab counter-sections redefine flexibility and efficiency in architectural design.

Key Features:

  • Modular Versatility: Tailor your space effortlessly with our modular counter-sections, bridging length gaps seamlessly to align with your design vision.
  • Expandable Counter Space: SOPHSTONE’s add-on modular solutions effortlessly provide additional counter space, optimizing functionality without compromising style.
  • Time-Saving Innovation: Introducing the industry’s first modular commercial sink system, SOPHSTONE streamlines installation, saving you valuable time on every project.


  • Architectural Harmony: Achieve design cohesion with SOPHSTONE’s modular solutions, ensuring your commercial space reflects precision and purpose.
  • Efficiency Unleashed: Maximize efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics. SOPHSTONE empowers architects and designers to create spaces that work seamlessly.
  • Future-Ready Design: Stay ahead of the curve with SOPHSTONE’s innovative approach to commercial sinks and counters, setting the standard for modern design trends.

PreFab counter-sections are an add-on modular solutions. Helping to bridge the length gap and providing additional counter space as the architectural design intended. SOPHSTONE, introducing the industries first, time saving modular commercial sink system.

Model Number:


Trash Hole:

• SOPH-CT-12

12-in / 30.5-cm


• SOPH-CT-24

24-in / 61-cm



24-in / 61-cm